Resources for study and discussion

The Center for Christian Civics offers a carefully curated selection of books and resources for anyone looking for ways to faithfully represent the hope of the gospel in their civic or political lives. 

We will be adding several new resources to this section ahead of and following the 2020 election, so we encourage you to check our blog and podcast regularly for announcements of new products.

All digital products (PDFs and ebooks) are delivered via email within 24 hours. 

Light to the World

Navigating Politics by Light of the Christian Story

Revised and Updated as of May 2020!

This four-chapter Bible study guide, suitable for individual and small group use, takes readers through the Bible’s story of creation, fall, redemption and restoration, exploring how each chapter changes the way believers react to the most common claims and arguments we hear during political campaigns.

The Leader’s Edition contains additional context and background for many of the questions.

The Small Group Package includes both the Leader’s Edition and Participants Edition, as well as permission to distribute them to up to two group leaders and ten participants (respectively).

Surprised By Community

Republicans and Democrats in the Same Pew

Christian Civics Executive Board member Rev. Charles Drew offers biblical guidance on Christian social and political engagement, making sense of the unfortunate fact that believers are often as polarized over politics as anyone else. This book offers guidance on how to navigate that polarization, discussing the political idols that make us angry and afraid, the theology that can lay our fears to rest, and a biblical account of our heavenly citizenship that helps us to be patient and winsome earthly citizens. Questions for reflection, discussion, and application help readers to love their neighbors as themselves and to love each other—even when we disagree over how best to love our neighbors.