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A TImeline of Criminal Justice Reform

A series of unlikely and often seemingly unrelated events culminated in a major piece of legislation nearing the finish line.

Introducing Twelve Weeks of Prayer

Introducing a new 12-week prayer initiative. Read the first installment now and sign up for more.

Lord of the Middle Rings: Sociology, Fellowship and Prophetic Witness

A classic work of sociology, modern research into our political life, and fundamental aspects of faith and discipleship come together to form a simple, vital opportunity for witness and stewardship.

The Sabbath Mutiny

The “palace intrigue” of a political campaign offers a young staffer the chance to learn courageous discipleship.

100 Years Ago in Jerusalem

A pastor shares personal, historical and theological reflections on Jerusalem’s place in global politics.

Theology That Carries On In The Dark

A power outage turns off the lights, but illuminates the difference between people who are used to comfort and people from the developing world.