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Lord of the Middle Rings: Sociology, Fellowship and Prophetic Witness

A classic work of sociology, modern research into our political life, and fundamental aspects of faith and discipleship come together to form a simple, vital opportunity for witness and stewardship.

The Sabbath Mutiny

The “palace intrigue” of a political campaign offers a young staffer the chance to learn courageous discipleship.

100 Years Ago in Jerusalem

A pastor shares personal, historical and theological reflections on Jerusalem’s place in global politics.

Theology That Carries On In The Dark

A power outage turns off the lights, but illuminates the difference between people who are used to comfort and people from the developing world.

On MLK’s “Can a Christian be a Communist?”

On the anniversary of the untimely murder of Dr. King, two Christian Civics team members take a look at his approach to one of the biggest political hot potatoes of his time.

A Meditation for Lent

For Christians, Lent is typically a season of reflection, repentance and preparation. Pastor Charles Drew shares how we can prepare our hearts for mission and worship during this particular Lent at this particular time in our country’s life.