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Secular Supremacy

Why do we react differently to warnings about secularism and warnings about other sins?

About Our New Homepage Image

The simple theology behind the summer 2020 photo on our front page.

Prophetic Lament is the Next Book Club Book

The American church avoids lament, but it is an essential component of Christian faith.

Can Christians Practice Both Love and Individualism?

The COVID Pandemic is difficult and frightening—but it gives us an opportunity to die to ourselves and practice loving our neighbors.

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Priorities in a Time of Pandemic

The director of the Massachusetts Bible Society discusses the first in a new series of Bible studies on the Ten Commandments.

Prayer Hands

Exercise: Getting Out of the Blame Game

A follow-up exercise for the Montgomery County National Day of Prayer.


Did Jesus Engage in Politics? (Grace in 30 Interview)

The Center for Christian Civics was featured on the Grace in 30 radio show and podcast.


Christian Civics, OneHeart DC on Good News for the City

The Center for Christian Civics’ efforts to help churches navigate COVID-19 was recently featured on Good News for the City radio.


Announcing the Christian Civics Book Club

Join Christian Civics leaders in reading, considering and discussing books that can shape the way we carry our faith forward in the public square.

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Christians Weighing the Price of Life

A campus minister shares his thoughts on faith, economics and social distancing.

Light to the World

A Bible study guide on faith and politics for small groups, now revised and updated!

I'd like to know more about the Foundations of Christian Civic Engagement program!