Refuge and Asylum (Pastor Chris Sicks and Ministry to State)

A Virginia pastor shares the story of how his church engaged with a national questions in a personal way.

The latest episode of the Christian Civics Podcast features pastor Chris Sicks of Alexandria Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, VA. Chris shares stories and insights from years of shepherding a congregation that accidentally incubated a robust community of refugees and asylum-seekers, and accidentally witnessed to their town and the world in the process.

In This EPisode

  • Chuck Garriott pastored in Oklahoma City for over 20 years before being called to Washington, DC, where he launched and continues to develop Ministry to State, a ministry to people in government in our national, state, and international capitals. He is the author of several books, including Work Matters and Prayers for Trump.

  • Chris Sicks is Pastor of Mercy at Alexandria Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, Virginia. His primary work is with APC’s deacons and Mercy Committee, laboring together to show compassion in Word and deed to those in the community and congregation—which includes 35 refugees who are part of the church. He has also worked with Gospel Rescue Mission and worked as a newspaper editor, restaurant manager, and Army officer. Chris is the author of Tangible: Making God Known Through Deeds of Mercy and Words of Truth (NavPress) and blogs at

  • Rick Barry is Executive Director of Center for Christian Civics, where he helps ministry leaders and faith communities develop missional approaches to their local public squares. He has worked on campaigns for local, state and federal office, is a former writer and editor for Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and oversaw communications for the Grace DC church network. He and his wife live in Washington, DC.


00:00-01:07  Intro
01:07-04:35 Personal reflection
04:38-07:33 Why we aren’t usually newsy
07:33-12:21 Interview Takeaways
12:26-34:04 Interview
34:09-36:04 Prayer
36:06-38:07 Closing/Notes



Rev. Sicks mentioned several photos in his talk. A few of them are shared below.

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