Refuge and Asylum (Pastor Chris Sicks and Ministry to State)

A Virginia pastor shares the story of how his church engaged with a national questions in a personal way.

The latest episode of the Christian Civics Podcast features pastor Chris Sicks of Alexandria Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, VA. Chris shares stories and insights from years of shepherding a congregation that accidentally incubated a robust community of refugees and asylum-seekers, and accidentally witnessed to their town and the world in the process.


Rev. Sicks mentioned several photos in his talk. A few of them are shared below.


00:00-01:07  Intro
01:07-04:35 Personal reflection
04:38-07:33 Why we aren’t usually newsy
07:33-12:21 Interview Takeaways
12:26-34:04 Interview
34:09-36:04 Prayer
36:06-38:07 Closing/Notes


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