Exploring how the gospel empowers us to think, speak and act differently in the public square.

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Episode 49: Vote Like You’re Hiring

How can a professional recruiter help us think differently about voting faithfully?

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Rick Barry

About the podcast

Hosted by Rick Barry, The Christian Civics Podcast provides ongoing support and encouragement for Christians who are trying to navigate what it means to carry their faith into the public square during this tumultuous moment in political history.

Episodes feature guided prayer, plus class excerpts, commentary on current events and exclusive interviews with people living lives that can help us better understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ in a representative democracy.

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Episode 48: A Fuller View of Being Prophetic

What does it mean to act prophetically? The way you answer this question

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Episode 47: (Still) Remembering the Prisoners

The pandemic has changed a lot about American life, American politics, and American ministry. Heather Rice-Minus of Prison Fellowship shares how it changed the work Prison Fellowship does promoting a more biblical approach to justice.

Episode and Show Notes

Episode 46: Being Online Wrong

How can a Christian talk about important issues online without losing patience or hope?

Episode and Show Notes

Episode 45: A Beacon of Hope

We welcome Rev. Patrick Turner and Deacon Terry Dillon of Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX. They share why the church decided to become a distribution site for the COVID 19 vaccine, and how that fits in with their church’s ongoing vision and mission.

Episode and Show Notes

Episode 44: What’s Christian About Your Politics?

To kick off a new season, our Executive Director reflects on whether becoming a Christian means ceasing to be anything and everything else.

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The Burden of Shared Suffering

How do Christians in leadership positions provide care for others in the wake of violent news?

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