Good and Faithful Servants?

We have an exciting event coming up in DC this month and some great episodes of the podcast ready to roll. But first, a short reflection:



We are living through a period of grave threat to the systems, institutions and norms that make democratic governance possible in this country, and we aren’t living through it by accident. God put us in this time and this place on purpose, for the purpose of making his healing, his character and his restoration felt.

For Christians who are citizens in the US, God has implicated us in the identity, authority and proper functioning of this vast and powerful nation—and he has done it at exactly the right time to bring the gospel into the biggest challenges the country is facing. Repairing the aspects of our government that are broken is not going to happen overnight. We got to this point over the course of a generation, and it’s going to take a generation or more to fix it. Any strategies for fixing our problems with one election or in a single presidential administration are going to over-promise and under-deliver.

When God’s kingdom comes and all of history is laid out for scrutiny, we are either going to be part of a generation of citizens that used our God-given talents to repair a broken country, or we’re going to be part of a generation that squirreled our talents away as our cities and counties and states became meaner and smaller and more broken.

Our salvation doesn’t depend on this, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to worry about it. It might just mean that we get to assume this responsibility as an expression of joy rather than out of desperation, out of gratitude rather than out of anxiety, out of relief rather than out of fear.

Hear More

This reflection was an excerpt from Christian Civics Executive Director Rick Barry’s presentation on Fostering a Culture of Mercy in a Representative Democracy, presented as part of The Gospel Coalition Mid-Atlantic Conference. A special “deleted scene” from that presentation will be included in the next episode of The Christian Civics Podcast.

Attention, Washington, DC: Join Us for an Upcoming Event

The Center for Christian Civics is thrilled to welcome speakers from the Washington DC Mayor’s Office of Religious Affairs, the Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation and Arrowhead Advising for a one-night-only conversation about radical hospitality and its role in engaging an age of hostility. For more information on this event and to purchase tickets if you are in the DC area, visit This special event is hosted in partnership with Q Ideas and with the support of our friends at Liberatus.

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