Become A Resource To Your Nearest School: Monthly Action Item

Each month, we want to provide you with one practical step you can take to be salt and light to the community where God has planted you—to fulfill the commands of Jeremiah 29 in ways that make your neighbors think, “I might not share their faith, but I don’t see how our community could work without these Christians here.”

This month’s action item might take a little bit of research (and in some communities, it might take a little bit of paperwork), but it will open up a host of opportunities to love and serve your neighbors in practical ways in the long term.

Over the course of the coming weeks, find out what school is closest to your home or workplace. (Take private schools, public schools and charter schools into consideration.) Call or stop by their main office to introduce yourself and let them know that you are a neighbor who wants to support their work and be included on their list of potential volunteers. (In some school districts, this may mean you need to fill out paperwork or go through a background check.)

Helping out at a local school, even just once in a while to meet one-off needs, is a clear way to demonstrate that you are invested in the long-term flourishing of a community and the people in it—even seeing it flourish long after you leave.

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