Mission and Values

The Center for Christian Civics is a non-profit organization preparing the church for the responsibility of stewarding the systems and institutions that our society uses to manage our relationships to one another in a polarized age.

Our work is guided by our commitment to:

Why Christian Civics?

If there is any dimension of our lives that we are not actively, regularly and rigorously bringing under the scrutiny of the gospel and the lordship of Christ, that is a dimension of our lives that we are being discipled in by the world around us.

Through classes and content, the Center for Christian Civics offers ministry leaders a broad foundation in how to facilitate a missionary encounter between the ancient Christian faith and the realities of modern political identity and democratic responsibility. Through dedicated coaching, we help ministry teams implement these broad ideas in their specific mission fields in light of their congregation’s/fellowship’s particular gifts and challenges.

Our Story

The Center for Christian Civics was founded by two friends with backgrounds in ministry and in professional politics—from opposite sides of the political spectrum. Because of their  experiences in the trenches of government and politics and their mutual commitment to the gospel, they discovered that they shared a passion for preserving the church’s health and witness in a polarized age. Along with a handful of other friends, they began blogging together, and quickly realized that the need was greater than what a blog or podcast could meet. Prayerfully and excitedly, a new ministry was launched.

"At a time when many within the church, and outside of it, are disillusioned and disheartened, the need for incisive, civil political discourse is critical. The Center for Christian Civics' commitment to grace and truth in the sphere of politics is a public model and a personal commitment."
Rev. Glenn Hoburg
Senior Pastor, Grace DC Church Network

Our Faith

The Center for Christian Civics is a non-denominational ministry holding to a broadly evangelical orthodox Christianity as defined by the Apostle’s Creed. We believe in the reality of an active and personal God; the reliability of the Old and New Testaments; the historicity of Jesus, God’s unique Son; the truth of his life, death, resurrection and eventual return; and the singularity and exclusivity of the claim he makes over our lives.

Our staff and leaders come from a range of church traditions, including reformed, baptist, charismatic and liturgical branches of Christ’s body. We all want the “church universal” to offer a compelling witness to a watching world—and that that compelling witness only happens if our local churches are serving as Christ’s hands and feet, making our neighborhoods stronger and fostering relationships that shouldn’t be possible in the rest of the world.