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For leaders and congregations

Our Foundations of Christian Civic Engagement program is a series of easy-to-implement study guides, workshops and coaching calls that will help your Christian community accept your citizenship, redeem your politics and celebrate your king.

This four-month program will not mobilize your congregation behind a specific platform or a single set of policies. Instead, it will promote healthy, long-term change in your congregation, earning your church a reputation for civic responsibility and political de-polarization.

What’s Included?

Program Benefits

Leadership Training

Christian Civics leaders will work directly with your leadership team to explore the theology, missiological contexts and pastoral best practices you need to pastor effectively in a polarized era.

Ongoing Coaching

Throughout the program, Christian Civics leaders will be coaching your staff and leadership team through specific questions, best practices and next steps as you integrate civic discipleship into the fabric of your community life.

Sermon Series Development

Representative democracy is a big responsibility. We will work with your preaching team to outline a sermon series that challenges and encourages your entire congregation, wherever they fall on the political spectrum.

Church-Wide Workshop

Once your leaders are ready, our teaching staff will field difficult questions and help your congregation build a shared vision and vocabulary for serving your community across party lines.

Small Group Curriculum

Following the church-wide workshop, we provide you with a one-to-four-week small group curriculum that will enable congregants who attended the workshop to begin modeling best practices in their existing communities.

Event & Program Planning

By the end of the Foundations program, you and your team will have planned your own church-wide follow-up event and developed a plan for civic discipleship customized for your congregants’ callings and your neighbors’ needs.
I wish this was available in every seminary!
Rev. Andrew RusselPastor, Grace Downtown, Washington, DC
As a pastor, you can know the Bible, know your people, know politics—and still not be prepared to shepherd a politically divided church. This course fills in that gap. It’s going to foster a biblical, loving, united community in your church.
Ryan BrattMDiv Student, Reformed Theological Seminary
Thank you for teaching me how to think Christianly!
AnonymousSurvey Response from 2019 Course

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