Become a church
that heals our politics.

How are Christians called to live in light of violence, bitter division, and a culture of outrage? 

Our country is facing deep divides—and so are our churches. Our new online Church Beyond the Poles workshop is the best way to begin the process of healing and restoration in your church. We want the people in your town to be grateful that the body of Christ is still there.

Your church can

Demonstrate Jesus In a Polarized Time.

This four-class series is the best way to help your congregants and church leaders develop a shared vision for what fellowship, discipleship and service look like in a polarized age.

Each 90-minute class session features biblical, non-partisan exploration of what faithfulness looks like in the US today, ample time to discuss how to apply that teaching in your immediate community, and opportunities to worship together. Your church will also get exclusive additional Q&A videos between each session.

This four-session course has been re-developed from the ground up to keep people engaged and excited without risking “Zoom fatigue.”


Whether the people in your church are politically diverse, politically monolithic or politically apathetic, A Church Beyond the Poles will challenge both new believers and seasoned saints to demonstrate that Jesus changes people. Believers across the political spectrum will all walk away with a clearer, calmer vision for faithfulness in the public square. This program will also help participants cultivate a deeper desire to let brothers and sisters from across the aisle speak into their lives.

Our workshop draws on our team’s decades of experience in frontline ministry and governmental service to empower Christians to live in ways that political professionals can’t explain, dismiss or exploit. Participants develop a biblical approach to:

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone who wants to see the church make our politics healthier, rather than more bitter—or for any politically engaged Christian who can’t figure out how other Christians could ever disagree with you!

This COurse Covers:

Is civic life part of the Chrisitian life? Our first session together covers biblical frameworks for government, and how those frameworks call us to a counter-cultural level of responsibility in the public square.

Includes PDF Handout, Homework Assignment, and Q&A Video

If Christians go into the public square, what do we do when we get there? Our second class together looks at the attitudes, behaviors and postures that set Christians apart from the people around us—even if the people around us share our politics.

Includes Pre-Reading, PDF Handout, Homework Assignment, and Q&A Video

Why don’t people who share my faith share my politics? Week three covers the origins of political diversity, why political diversity is necessary for discipleship and evangelism, and the idolatries and heresies that can come up when we hide away our political commitments.

Includes Pre-Reading, PDF Handout, Homework Assignment, and Q&A Video

How can I learn to grow alongside people who don’t share my politics? Our final session together looks at how to build the capacity to bridge political divides on the personal, inter-personal and church-wide level.

Includes Pre-Reading, PDF Handout, and After-Action Plan

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