Good and Faithful Servants?

A special reflection for the end of summer 2018.

Go Deeper with Recommended Reading

The latest issue of the Christian Civics Newsletter covers recommended reading related to our latest podcast episodes.

Thinking in a Different Climate: November Recent Reads

Take a look at some of what our team has been reading lately, including books on how weather changes Christian mission and what robots are doing at Wal-Mart.

When Disasters Keep Mounting: November Reflection

What do we do when disasters keep mounting? Jesus has work for us to do— yokes to shoulder that we may plow in the fields where he sends us. Burn-out isn’t the result of doing too much work, it’s the result of working for the wrong master and for the wrong reasons.

A Long Walk Filled With Short Prayers: Monthly Action Item

Explore and Pray for Your Civic Community With national politics dominating so much of our news, it’s easy to think of government and civic life as something that happens far away, conducted by people with famous names aligned with big national “brands.” But one of the unique facts about the time and place to which […]