Develop a New Approach to the Public Square

When Christians who live in the US today submit the political and civic dimensions of our lives to the authority and discipleship of Christ, we’ll be able to see three clear indications of growth:

  • Our friendships in the church will be characterized by a political diversity that our neighbors can’t explain.
  • Our relationships to our towns will be marked by a posture of responsibility that inspires our neighbors.
  • Our inner lives will be marked by a de-escalation of partisan fervor, giving us radical comfort and calm.

The Center for Christian Civics has developed a workshop and coaching program that provides the vision, skills and resources for these goals to become realities in your community. These events are for any church that wants to practice politics faithfully and lovingly.

bring a Christian Civics WORKSHOP TO YOUR CHURCH

What do our WORKSHOPs cover?

If you’re interested in bringing one of these events to your church or ministry, please fill out the form above. We will work with you to tailor the content to your audience’s specific needs, but our program covers four broad themes:

Motivating your church with A Spiritual call to Public Engagement

God did not place us in a participatory democracy by accident. Our program will help your entire congregation work through how to take up that responsibility faithfully.

equipping your leaders to minister in a polarized era

Our program includes focused equipping for lay and ordained ministry leaders covering teaching techniques, practical approaches to real-life shepherding challenges, and more.

making your church hospitable across party lines

Discussion, guided prayer and conversation exercises will help your congregation develop the spiritual disciplines and emotional skills necessary to form deep relationships across the aisle.

Developing A Distinctly Christian way of Practicing politics

Participants learn to engage a broken political system in ways that are generous, patient, loving and well-informed—because our behavior reflects on Jesus.

“As a pastor, you can know the Bible, know your people, know politics—and still not be prepared to shepherd a politically divided church. This course fills in that gap. It’s not going to teach you the ‘right’ answers to divisive questions. It’s going to teach you how to foster a biblical, loving, united community in your church, even when people disagree about politics.”

Ryan B.

Participant: Ministering in a Polarized Nation"