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A Nation Of Outrage

Jesus drew lines in the sand. We all draw lines in the sand, too, but not as well.

Grace, Race and Southern Heritage: A Response to the Charleston Shooting

Three months ago, on my honeymoon, I visited Charleston, SC, for the first time. My wife and I found a lot to enjoy there, and began …

The Messy, Humble Testimony of Grace

Her name was Sally. Probably not. She was fidgety and because of that I doubt she gave me her real name. Her hands were very …

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My Conservative Idolatry

My journey into the intersection of faith and politics began in Texas. I would describe Texas as a conservative and religious state (although I would …

Praying for Politicians (Without Calling Down Scorn)

“The LORD detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him.” Proverbs 15:8 History reveals that prayer and politics have …

Working at the Top of the Political Fray: A Christian Immigrant’s Time on Capitol Hill

The Body Politic’s editor D. Leiva introduces himself and starts to share his experiences working in Congress.