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Our Redeemer Liveth: The Administration of God

The following article is the transcript of a homily delivered by pastor and Body Politic reader Rev. Dr. Richard Hyde earlier this year at the First Congregational Church of Gray, Maine.

Congressional Staffers: Perception, Reality and a Desperate Request

A few weeks ago I was in an airport waiting for a flight, just watching the hustle and bustle of people moving from one gate …

Your Crooked Neighbor and Your Crooked Heart

“If you do not love someone else, you are proving or indicating that you don’t realize how much it costs to love you.” The Body …

Of Politics and Prayerlessness

There’s a story about Jesus that gives me chills every time I read it: An imprisoned John the Baptist sends two disciples to ask him, …

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Committed to God’s Image

This is the first in a series of posts sketching some of the most important truths guiding this website’s editorial direction.