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Your Representatives Don’t Live In Washington

Body Politic reader Michael Searway shares his experiences working in a Congressional district office and what lessons we can learn for our civic lives today. …

Why We Hate to Love the Church

One of the central messages of this website is that the gospel does not conform to the political templates offered to us–even the political templates …

Frailty, Embodiment and the Politics of Immortality

My body recently gave up on me. Living and working in Washington, DC, means learning to survive in an environment where it seems that everyone …

When the Glory Passes By

The Chinese media—including my family’s social network—was buzzing with news of China’s military parade in Beijing recently. The parade marked the 70th anniversary of the …

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How We Talk When We Talk About Politics

My dad and I don’t argue like we used to. Allow me to deconstruct that: My dad and I argue, but how we do it …


Flee Like the Essenes or Fight Like the Zealots?

I work with Christian college juniors and seniors who come to Washington, DC., for internships as they begin thinking about the transition from campus to career. …


The One Community Where Fear-Mongering Shouldn’t Work

Fear is a powerful tool in political communications. If you can trigger the amygdala into a fear response and the listener doesn’t have some kind …


My Conservative Idolatry

My journey into the intersection of faith and politics began in Texas. I would describe Texas as a conservative and religious state (although I would …

Stained Glass

Praying for Politicians (Without Calling Down Scorn)

“The LORD detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him.” Proverbs 15:8 History reveals that prayer and politics have …


Working at the Top of the Political Fray: A Christian Immigrant’s Time on Capitol Hill

The Body Politic’s editor D. Leiva introduces himself and starts to share his experiences working in Congress.