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A TImeline of Criminal Justice Reform

A series of unlikely and often seemingly unrelated events culminated in a major piece of legislation nearing the finish line.

The Sabbath Mutiny

The “palace intrigue” of a political campaign offers a young staffer the chance to learn courageous discipleship.

100 Years Ago in Jerusalem

A pastor shares personal, historical and theological reflections on Jerusalem’s place in global politics.

A Meditation for Lent

For Christians, Lent is typically a season of reflection, repentance and preparation. Pastor Charles Drew shares how we can prepare our hearts for mission and worship during this particular Lent at this particular time in our country’s life.

Reaching a New Milestone: Big News About 2018

Looking back at 2017, we’re very grateful for some big accomplishments, and excited to share a milestone taking place in 2018.

Aspiring to Humility (Podcast Follow-Up)

We tend to think that humility is defined by what you don’t do, the ability to not be prideful or vain. But biblical humility is an active posture, a deliberate action.