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About Our New Homepage Image

The simple theology behind the summer 2020 photo on our front page.

Prophetic Lament is the Next Book Club Book

The American church avoids lament, but it is an essential component of Christian faith.

Can Christians Practice Both Love and Individualism?

The COVID Pandemic is difficult and frightening—but it gives us an opportunity to die to ourselves and practice loving our neighbors.

Priorities in a Time of Pandemic

The director of the Massachusetts Bible Society discusses the first in a new series of Bible studies on the Ten Commandments.

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Commemorate a New Season of Christian Civic Engagement

Highlights from the past year of our work, and a look at what we hope to accomplish in 2019 with your help.

Praying Through Grief

God knows our griefs and promises us joy in due time.

Advocacy and Justice: An Interview with Steven Harris

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s policy director on advocacy and the history of criminal justice.

A Timeline of Criminal Justice Reform

A series of unlikely and often seemingly unrelated events culminated in a major piece of legislation nearing the finish line.

Introducing Twelve Weeks of Prayer

Introducing a new 12-week prayer initiative. Read the first installment now and sign up for more.

Lord of the Middle Rings: Sociology, Fellowship and Prophetic Witness

A classic work of sociology, modern research into our political life, and fundamental aspects of faith and discipleship come together to form a simple, vital opportunity for witness and stewardship.

Light to the World

A Bible study guide on faith and politics for small groups, now revised and updated!

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