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Commemorate a New Season of Christian Civic Engagement

Highlights from the past year of our work, and a look at what we hope to accomplish in 2019 with your help.

Lord of the Middle Rings: Sociology, Fellowship and Prophetic Witness

A classic work of sociology, modern research into our political life, and fundamental aspects of faith and discipleship come together to form a simple, vital opportunity for witness and stewardship.

The Sabbath Mutiny

The “palace intrigue” of a political campaign offers a young staffer the chance to learn courageous discipleship.

100 Years Ago in Jerusalem

A pastor shares personal, historical and theological reflections on Jerusalem’s place in global politics.

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Prayer Hands

Between Campaigns, a Prayer for Sabbath

Reclaim your mind in this brief, sweet moment when no one is running for office.

Prayer Hands

Introducing Twelve Weeks of Prayer

Introducing a new 12-week prayer initiative. Read the first installment now and sign up for more.

Voted Sticker

Where Has Shaped Your Vote?

Author and theologian Craig Bartholomew and pastor William McGee help us get a fuller understanding of our relationships to our towns. Those aren’t just the places we vote—they also might be the reasons we vote the way we do.

Poor Cropped Small

Why Will The Poor Always Be With Us?

Upcoming events and extra content from a recent conference presentation on mercy and politics.


Good and Faithful Servants?

A special reflection for the end of summer 2018.

Thinking in a Different Climate

Go Deeper with Recommended Reading

The latest issue of the Christian Civics Newsletter covers recommended reading related to our latest podcast episodes.