Christian Civics Featured in Washingtonian!

One of our co-founders celebrates our work being featured in one of DC's premiere culture magazines.

Back in early 2015 my great friend Rick and I launched a blog that would eventually become the Center for Christian Civics. Fast forward to now, and the work that Rick and the Christian Civics team continues to carry out has been featured by one of Washington DC’s most-circulated and award-winning magazines.

I’m proud of the work that Rick has done and is doing. I don’t know who chose to photograph Rick this way, but it’s quite moving to me for various reasons. When I moved to Austin, TX, I informed Rick I would have to step away from being involved with CXC (as we affectionately call the org) because my life circumstances kept me from being fully present. I was torn over the decision because it meant that the mission Rick and I set out to do became his responsibility to bear alone.

On a larger scale, the reason why we started CXC is because we didn’t see any other religious groups or organizations fulfill the vision we had of bringing the church together over politics. So, it very much felt like the organization was one-of-a-kind. And this is what this picture represents to me: The sacrifice that Rick had to make by himself in order to keep work going that we had initially set out to do together.

I’m glad that the work Rick has been doing through CXC is being recognized, and I’m happy to be able to lend him and the Executive Board my support again in this season that really feels like a turning point for the ministry. Give the Washingtonian article a quick read, and if you’d like to know more about the work we are doing at Christian Civics, contact me using the form at the bottom of the front page of the website. I’d be glad to talk!

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  • A former staffer for Republican House Leadership, Daniel Leiva left the Hill in 2014 fed up with the apocalyptic rhetoric. Daniel was born into a family with a rich legacy of full-time ministry. His time on the Hill only deepened his desire to see the church clearly and compellingly witness to the culture around it. He worked closely with Rick Barry to launch the Center for Christian Civics and build an initial team that could set the organization up for success. Daniel currently lives in Austin, TX, with his wife.

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