The Political Theology of the Declaration of Independence

The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God are written on all of our hearts. The Declaration of Independence provides a starting point for serious discussion about how to embody those truths.

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  • Brian A. Smith is Contributing Editor at the Center for Christian Civics and the Managing Editor of Law and Liberty at Liberty Fund. He is the author of Walker Percy and the Politics of the Wayfarer (Lexington, 2017).

  • Sarah Morgan Smith is a Contributing Editor at the Center for Christian Civics, an instructor in the Master of Arts in American History and Government (MAHG) program housed in the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University and co-director of the Ashbrook Center’s Religion in American History project.

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  1. Just came upon your blog. Many thanks for your work.
    Do you see our public school system adopting these truths in their history curriculum?

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